Friday, April 29, 2005

Well, everyone, we finally did it! THE LOST PRINCESS premiered April 27th 2005 at the Studio Movie Grill in Addison Texas. Over five hundred people showed up for Wednesday night's premiere.

Esmeralda (Dakota Star Granados) flew in from Arizona and people arrived from as far away as Georgia and Florida. Many folks arrived in Limos, dressed to the nines, to see the premiere of our second film. The show was well recieved with the audiences laughing, and cheering throughout both showings — eventually erupting in applause as the final credits rolled. A big THANK YOU goes out to all who attended. The dvds should be available soon. We're currently looking for distributors and working on a plan for the third film!!!

Other good news. Our good friends — Hey Nunnny! Nunny! have just released their 2nd cd - EVERY DAY IS CHRISTMAS. Its very fun and funny!

— Doug


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