Monday, May 09, 2011

Scarborough Faire

Wow! It's been a while since I've updated this. I guess Facebook and the like seem to be taking precedent - but I don't wish to ignore this source of communication either.

Our 27th season at Scarborough is going well. (27!!!) The new Crown Stage (if you haven't seen it yet) is quite elegant and HUGE! We're also sharing it with a number of different acts this season. I have to admit that it was great sharing the stage with Arsene for the first three weekends. We've been friends for eons and had never actually shared a space. He is a talent indeed, and a good friend.

Hard to believe the festival is more than half over. Even with the ups and downs of weather attendance feels up and the audiences at our shows to be great and fun! Hard to believe that 4th weekend's Sunday closed at 52 degrees and yesterday (SUnday of the 5th weekend) closed at 92. An amazing and volatile Spring. Luckily though, even with all the storms around in the past few weeks, we have missed most of the truly bad ones.

I SENSE DANGER is doing well. Interestingly we've been accepted by three film festivals so far and have won award at each! Moondance (in Boulder Colorado) gave us a Best Family Comedy Award (for them it is called a "Starfish"), Worldfest (in Houston) the oldest film festival in the US awarded us a GOld Remi (as in Remington) for Best made for TV Family Film, and KIDS FIRST! (The Coalition for Quality Children's Media) awarded us 2nd place in Independent FIlms for children aged 8 to 12. KIDS FIRST views over 600 films per category (really) so a 2nd place is really an honor. We're still waiting to hear from a few other festivals - -we'll let you know when we hear anything.


Well, we're committing ourselves to creating a Don Juan and Miguel Western. Ideas are flowing and structures are being, well, structured. THis will take a while - but will be great.

We'll be utilizing the talents of our friend and oft-time cinematographer Dr. Jules to film our shows here at Scarborough on , I believe, the 7th weekend. Come to the shows, make noise, have fun with us!! Also we'll be creating Adam Winrich's (Adam Crack) next DVD about Mastering the Whip. This one will be for those who have already achieved some expertise with the whip and will show and explain advanced whipping techniques. Should be a fun and informative project.


All is well, then. Don Juan's leg is much much better, Esmeralda is performing with us every weekend at Scarborough and, even though there are only three weekends left, there is more than enough time to come out and visit!

Thanks for all of your support.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas. A story of our year.....

Merry Christmas all.

Again it seems that it has taken forever for me to update this blog. Perhaps if I paid more attention, more of you would be reading.

So now we exchange gifts. My gift to you is a quick, true story of the experiences of Don Juan, Miguel and Esmeralda for 2010. Your gift to me will be to read these words.

2010 started out great!

Esmeralda had an appearance on the Ellen Degeneris show! Whip cracking good fun!

The Arizona show was rolling along with great weather, nice crowds and audiences filled with laughter. (okay, we did get some rain, but all-in-all it was a good year) Then the final Sunday dawned with a fire occurring at one of the festival kitchens. Smoke billowed out back and menacing in the early morning sky. Fire trucks arrived on the scene. Luckily no one was hurt. The faire postponed opening and we missed our first show of the day. Come the second show - at the Palace - and during the final fight of the show; "The Dual Rapier Duel of Doom" Don Juan (Jose) tore his achilles tendon. He was taken to the emergency room, released and was able to perform the "Weird Show" at the end of the day. Such a trooper! He ended up having surgery to repair the damage and underwent physical therapy. It made for an interesting year.

We did all of Scarborough Faire with Don Juan performing the show sitting on a bar stool! It made for some wacky comedy as we adapted the show around obvious physical constraints. Esmeralda came in the first weekend to perform and help in getting the show up! In all actuality what might have been perceived by many as a terrible obstacle became a means to evolve. We cut down from four completely different shows daily to three, repeating the "Renaissance Man Show" (with variations) twice daily. Shows themselves changed a bit as well - whip stunts were added - fights moved around - finales changed up - I know it was stressful at times for us, but we made it through quite well I think.

Also during Scarborough we released our latest movie "I Sense Danger"! Five years in the making and worth every day. Duncan Pace, Louie Skaradek and Jim Hancock worked tirelessly to help create our best work yet! Thank you guys! As of this writing "I Sense Danger" has been accepted by two film festivals; "KIDS FIRST! The Coalition for Quality Children's Media" ouot of Santa Fe, New Mexico and "The 11th Annual Moondance International Film Festival" in Boulder Colorado. This is a prestigious festival noted for films of a positive nature. Our friends "Iris and Rose" were able to attend the screening for us. "Danger" (and Duncan) were awarded the "Starfish Award" for best Family Film. Congratulations! We've received a few reviews of the film. Fans seem to love it - but here are some other quotes:


Anyone who likes Renaissance Fairs would thoroughly enjoy the humor in this film. Sets and costumes are great. Wonderful Renaissance sets and costumes. Nuns watching over Esmeralda are hilarious. Bernard's levitating powers also prove funny. Don Juan, Miguel and Esmeralda once again save the wacky Renaissance world from Bernard, the Bad Guy with the help from some crazy nuns that watch over the whip cracking Esmeralda. When Queen Elizabeth is tossed out of her castle by the hunchback Bernard and his minions, Don Juan and Miguel must find a way to turn bad into good. Whip cracking good!

Renaissance Magazine says: (full review available in the January 2011 issue)

If you like the anachronistic comedy routines at renfaires, you should like this renaissance romp. Without even pretending to present historical accuracy, it packs in dozens of well-known festival faces. The movie is split into three acts, each with its own fight scene and song; by far the most entertaining song is “The Pirates of High Barbary,” with its high energy level and great camera work. Sprinkled throughout are the anachronistic under-the-breath throwaway jokes and asides endemic to festival comedy, and they translate quite well to the small screen... But the real star is Don Juan, of course, and he definitely brings a great presence to his role. The musical score is excellent, featuring period instruments and standout Spanish guitar playing that is worthwhile listening to all by itself.... The cameos make this movie. Its drinking game is “Spot the faire act” (three drinks for Ded Bob sightings). It feels more like a love sonnet to festival culture than a truly historical adventure movie, and that is just fine....

We have submitted "Danger" to other film festivals. We will keep you updated about here and on Facebook. If you have watched "Danger" find us on IMBD and either vote, or leave a review!


New York went fairly well this past year. The weather was lovely. Esmeralda returned to perform with us for the remainder of our season. Jose continued to heal. He was able to leave his stool behind and actually wear matching shoes! We shared the stage for the first time with Gabriel Q. So much fun! Formal Bocci, Christmas in July.....a truly magical time.

Pennsylvania: Well, that show was wacky good fun, is all I can say. We thoroughly enjoyed playing with the cast during the Finale in Song, and the shows were just fun! Its always great to work with such creative people. We'll be back!

Carolina: What can I say? I love this faire. I love the area, the season, the colors, the audience. Just a lot of fun - with many good friends who work the show. A smooth running delightful machine. And, I must admit, I love that it is the final show of the season. It is always good to come home!

TRF: Yes! We did a few "cameos"! The three of us stepped into "The Nature of Mercy" Show -and did a whip routine at the top of the show. Just a few minutes long, but a lot of fun. Later we three did some bits in Adam Crack's (Adam Winrich) whip show. Really fun watching all that whipping going on! Oh, as a note the three of us went to Las Vegas and watched as Adam won the SASS title! Congratulations Adam!

Well, that's that. My "gift" is almost done. And, if you've gotten this far, your gift is almost done as well.

For the upcoming year we are happy to be back in Arizona (with brand new kitchens). Scarborough Faire has built a new Crown Stage - we are proud to be performing on it this coming spring! We'll also be back at Sterling (which starts a week later this coming year), Pennsylvania and Carolina. The actual schedule will be posted elsewhere on our website.

So, now good people, my words come to an end. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year yet!


Sunday, April 04, 2010

"I Sense Danger" and Scarborough Faire!

Greetings everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I am writing this on Easter Sunday - the first Easter I have been able to spend with my family in many, many years.

Thinking about family makes me want to say thank you to all the well-wishers, healing light, and prayers that have been directed toward “Don Juan” who, as you may know, tore his Achilles Tendon on the final day of the 2010 Arizona season. It happened during the last two moves of the final fight during our “Don Juan in Heck” show. Amazingly he finished, was taken to a doctor by “Esmeralda” and returned for the final show - which was great (If I say so my self - a truly Weird Show). He had a successful operation this past Friday and is recovering well. We will be doing our shows at the Crown Stage at Scarborough Faire - which opens this upcoming weekend. It’ll take some adaptation, but I have the feeling that some real hysterical stuff is going to happen. Come out and see!

“I Sense Danger” Release planned for April 17th, 2010 (second weekend of Scarborough Faire)

Well, after almost four years in the making it looks as though we are almost ready to have an actual release!! I can’t tell you how much work went into this new adventure. It is a HUGE step for us (I feel) in quality from either “El Gusano” or “The Lost Princess”. To let you know, although it is a single piece it was created in three “chapters”. Each chapter has its own musical number and “action” sequence. Each chapter can be viewed individually or together as a complete piece (which I recommend for the first viewing - then you’ll get the whole story). Although a “Don Juan and Miguel” adventure - it really stars Esmeralda, Hey Nunnie Nunnie!® and the London Broil boys. It was beautifully filmed by Dr. Jules and has an excellent score written by our good friend Kelly Stallard. The score features many of your favorite festival musicians. Duncan Pace did an excellent job of directing and editing and Louie Skaradek was fabulous as Special Effects Head - lots of interesting Fx! The story is light-hearted and fun, I honestly think it is the best thing we’ve done yet. I’m uncertain if we are going to have a “theatrical” showing of it. The theater showing for “The Lost Princess” was such a good time we are tempted to try to recreate that. If not at Scarborough in Texas, then perhaps at the Sterling Festival in Upstate New York - where it was filmed. We’ll certainly let you know. As we get ready to submit “I Sense Danger” to film festivals I’ve had to write a couple of “blurbs” explaining the film. I’ve included one of the longer ones (250 words) to let you know what the movie is about. I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for your continued support and we’ll see you at Scarborough Faire!

“I Sense Danger” (the story)....

From the award-winning producers and director of “The Tale of El Gusano” and “The Lost Princess” comes a new swashbuckling, song-filled adventure set in the delightful and fantastical world of Don Juan and Miguel.

Danger and destruction erupt after Don Juan, Prince of Spain, accompanied by his wacky and ever-faithful manservant Miguel encounter a sad and mysterious hunchbacked Frenchman; Bernard. Sensing a mysterious power Don Juan invites the seemingly helpless Bernard to his inner sanctum to teach him to harness his budding abilities. The beautiful whip-cracking Princess Esmeralda, Don Juan’s daughter, begins to develop mystical powers of her own. Her good friends, Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena council her through the song “Chastity Bell”. Meanwhile Don Juan and Miguel are suddenly called away to foreign lands to battle barbarous pirates and horrible hoards, leaving the protection of Queen Elizabeth to Esmeralda.

Bernard, now fully controlling his psionic powers, hires minions, reaps destruction upon the sleepy village of Warwicke and captures the Queen’s castle - turning it into his lair. Finally realizing his dream through song he claims the title of “Bernard the Bad Guy”.

Sensing danger to the castle and the Queen Esmeralda quickly comes up with a plan to defeat the matter-moving monster! Queen Elizabeth, realizing that even the princess needs help calls for the return of her champion Don Juan and, along with Miguel, Mother Redempta, and Sister Philomena battle Bernard.

Can Bernard be stopped? Discover the answer in this delightful family-friendly Adventure!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010



It's been a while since we've really updated this site so here comes some new and good NEWS! You will now be seeing more timely updates to this site! Come back often for updates regarding your favorite "Spaniards" and their friends.


After years of post-production we are in the very final stages of bringing our latest, and most exciting film project ever to you!

Blind Dog Entertainment® brings together the Renaissance Festival circuit's favorite entertainers and presents you with their latest romp in the world of Don Juan and Miguel®: "I Sense Danger". Esmeralda comes of age in this action-adventure tale which pits our heros; Don Juan and Miguel, against their most powerful foe yet: "Bernard the Bad Guy"!! Featuring the talents of Don Juan and Miguel®, Esmeralda, The London Broil, Hey Nunnie! Nunnie!®, Emrys Fleet the Rat Catcher, Looney Lucy, Sterling's Bless the Mark Players and many more! "I Sense Danger" is chock-full of swordplay, song and silliness.

The Story: The peaceful village of Warwicke is about to be shaken-up as magical powers blossom around them. Don Juan's daughter, the beautiful princess Esmeralda, is coming into her own special powers. Her good friends, Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena, help guide her with her new talents and with her duties of protecting the lovely Queen Elizabeth. Don Juan, and his faithful manservant Miguel, combat horrible hordes and Barbarous Pirates. Meanwhile Bernard the Bad Guy, with his minions Louie, Duncan and Matt, destroy the village and conquer the castle. Can Bernard be stopped? Will the village recover? Can the Queen be saved?

Some Facts: Filmed at the beautiful Sterling Renaissance Festival in Upstate New York "I Sense Danger" contains these new, original songs: "The Chastity Bell!", "The Barbarous Pirates of High Barbary", "Bernard's Lament", and "I Sense Danger"! After almost four years in the making, presented in three parts, and glowing with special effects "Danger" is our most challenging, exciting, and delightful project ever! You will love it!

Check out our merchandising page and click on "I Sense Danger" to pre-order and be one of the first to have your very own copy!!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pennsylvania - 5 more weekends!

Howdy folks!

I hope this reading finds you all well. We are doing well ourselves - enjoying performing at the Globe Theater three times daily - plus our goofy bits at the Finale In Song! I thoroughly enjoyed performing the Bladivarius with my good friends "The Burley Minstrels (Bob Bielefeld and Jim Hancock) both Saturday and Sunday at the Finale -what a Hoot! And I was honored to have been able to "sign" (ASL) with Queen Elizabeth (Kelly) at the final song - "The Parting Glass". I may not get it perfect, but I love doing it!

We've been working on "I Sense Danger". Jim is rapidly completing the sound portion of our movie making journey as Duncan and Louie finish up creating magic of their own down in the Baltimore area. I'll be keeping you posted as to any new developments with it - such as a "Premier" or an early release. The guys are saying that we should be finished by mid-October, which isn't that far off, so keep your fingers crossed! I think it'll make a great Christmas gift! (I know it will).

Speaking of DVD releases....

Mastering the Whip, Episode One - Our instructional whip DVD will be available this coming weekend. It features Adam Winrich, a seven-time Guinness World Record holder for various whip cracks and skills. Adam (with some help from Jose/Don Juan) takes three beginners and teaches them five different cracks in three days. The students, or Guinea Pigs as Adam calls them, range in age from 11 to 30. I find it very instructional and interesting to watch as these students are taken though each crack patiently and step-by-step. Seeing them make mistakes and then correcting these mistakes will be very helpful for anyone who wishes to master the sport of Whip cracking. Plus it has a bunch of beautiful and fun extras; everything from the amazing Fire Whip to Adam "cracking up" with us in the Weird Show. You'll also be getting one of Adam's shows form the Arizona Festival. You will be able to pick up the DVD directly from Adam this weekend at the Bristol Show (Adam Crack), or from us after one of our shows here in PA. It should be available on the website soon - and we will soon (hopefully) be able to offer a whip along with the DVD for a full package for learning and fun! Again, I think we've made an awesome "How-To" DVD. Check it out!

Well, that's about all for now. Come out and see us in Pennsylvania while we are here. Enjoy!

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