Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scarborough - halfway (almost)

Greetings dear friends and fans and folks all! I hope you are all enjoying a delightful Spring!

I am sitting at Scarborough Faire listening to my good friends Martha Gay and Cris Arnold rehearsing. Martha is downstairs working on her harp (such a gift to even listen to a rehearsal) and Cris is on his stage honing his ability with the bullwhip. I can hear the cracking from far away! It is a beautiful, warm, sunny Spring day here in Central Texas.

The festival has been going well. It's always interesting being here this time of the year. We started out with really COLD (for Texas) temperatures...the first week we had freeze warnings at night! Plus the first two Sundays of this festival are on Christian High Holy Days - Palm Sunday and Easter. While we do get folks coming to the fair - many are involved in church, or family get-togethers. I think that Scarborough is a nice place to come on Easter. There is a church service held (almost) every Sunday in the Wedding Garden (around 11) and on Easter the Court and Cast of the festival present a "period" Mass - a mass that would have been done during Henry's time. I've always found it lovely and moving. Anyway....the faire is going good - we have 5 more weekends of fun in the Sun (rain, hail, storms, whatever - we'll be here and open on weekends). Please stop by and see us at the Crown Stage! (11:00, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30).

Folks have been asking about "The Queen of Spain". I am having "her" re-designed to be able to pop up in shows and play without ding the full "Queen" show. I think it'll be fun. Hopefully we'll be seeing her soon!

Also, on a personal note, I (Miguel) am pleased to let you all know that I have dropped nearly 50 pounds since Thanksgiving! I am feeling terrific! (Thank you Jenny Craig). Its so much fun having my costumes taken-in. (Thank you Countess Mary and Joanne!) I had a new belt made in Arizona (by our lovely Stage Manager, Sarah) and just had it taken in 3 inches by Leather Man extraordinaire Dennis Thatcher (who has a shop in Pecan Grove - stop by!), Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive in my quest towards better health!



Work still continues on Danger. We are proceeding apace (no "Duncan Pace pun intended...okay, well, maybe!). We are in the final stages of Fx and of sound mixing. Hopefully we'll be bringing a premier to Upstate New York sometime this summer -either in Syracuse or in Rochester...we'll let you know. I am so thrilled about this project. It is excellent and, I think you will agree when you see it - well worth the wait!

DOUG'S CD (Miguel Sings What He Damn Well Pleases - or, "The Promise")

We're coming up with a do-able list of tunes. I've forgotten how many songs I love to sing! I know I'll do a couple of Renaissance favorites and a song from Frank Della Penna's musical "The Bells" (Oh, How I Remember), and perhaps an original! I'm starting on recording this week with the help of Martha Gay and, of course, Jim Hancock! I am planning on releasing it right after Sterling this year!


Sarah still continues work on her new CD. I think it will be her best! We'll let you know when it's ready. It might be this Winter.


We are moving forward with Adam Winrich's instructional DVD on whip-cracking. Adam currently holds (at least) 6 Guinness World Records for various abilities with the whip. He is probably the best in the world at this time. Jose (Don Juan) and him had been having fun having a "whip-off" at the Weird Show in Arizona and, after conversations with Adam, we decided to produce his DVD. We are thrilled to be doing so. Dr. Jules is our camera man and Jim is on the sound. We have already filmed parts of the DVD (in Arizona) and will complete filming of it here at Scarborough. It should be ready by the end of June at the latest! This instructional DVD will be different from most as it will show specific "cracks" and their uses in a performance venue. Plus we will have highlights from Adam's Renaissance show and his Guinness World Record award-winning whip action! Look for it this June!


The Lost Princess will be getting a National Distribution through S'more Entertainment! We are thrilled. Check for it in local stores!


Jose and I are also working with Tawn Jones to create a new Renaissance act! It's gonna be great!

Well, friends, that is about it for now. Enjoy the Spring. Keep positive thoughts happening and remember what is really important in life!

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