Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Adios Pennsylvania and Hello Carolina!!


Well, our final weekend at PA proved to be a bit moist - rain both days - with a real downpour on Sunday. Still we had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed performing there. At the Finale I sang Jerry Spurlock's "Bring on the Starlight" with a bunch of friends - a truly magical song. I love singing it.

We had a final "International" party on Sunday night hosted by our friends "The Tartan Terrors" - I brought pierogis (Esmeralda cooked them for me) And no, I did not hand make them - they came frozen and were still delicious.

There was a RESCU rally planned for Tuesday evening after our first Student Day of the week (in PA). I was real jazzed as I was to help MC, sing a few rock-n-roll tunes with Burley Minstrel Jim Hancock and Gary Mazzu (Demetrius) and perform with some of the PA pro-cast in "Pyramus and Thisbee" (from A Midsummer Night's Dream) I was to be "Wall" and "Moonshine". Unfortunately the event was delayed an evening due to inclement weather! (Some mild expletive here). It is going on tonight (Wednesday) but I am traveling toward NC so wasn't able to be a part of it. YOU can still be a part of RESCU, though - go to and support your Renaissance friends and community.

Hopefully we'll be back next year and do it all agian. (For a longer run, too!)


We open in Carolina this weekend. I really love this fair - it is really lovely and there is something very sweet about it. Perhaps the audience, the friends we perform with, the location or the time of year. Anyway, I am looking forward to it.

We are going to be sharing our stage with "Cast in Bronze" (Frank Della Penna) this season. We share a stage with him in Arizona and it is always a joy. Besides - this way we don't have to worry about the volume of the Carillon during our show....(haha) and I might even get to play it while Frank is not watching!!

I hear that gas might be an issue in the Charlotte area. I wonder if this is a real problem or a perceived problem. The emails I'm getting from friends and fans there seem to indicate that there is little actual problem but a bunch of hysteria or some businesses taking advantage of the situation. Regardless we'll be there and we'll be open. The weather for this weekend looks great! Can't wait to see all of our old friends again! Please stop by and say "Buenos Dias"!

We're planning on getting a lot of work done in "I Sense Danger" during the run of the show - in fact we'll try to get it inches away from completion.... I will keep you all posted.

On Facebook there is now a Don Juan and Miguel Fan Club. I've been wondering if I should join or if there is something fun I can do for the group. Once I figure something out, I'll let you know.

Well, that's it for now. I'm hoping to keep these updates happening more often. Be well, laugh for no reason. Share a compliment with a friend or stranger and remember that life is a great gift!

Thanks for all of your support!