Friday, March 31, 2006



THE LOST PRINCESS has been chosen by the 2006 Danville International Children's film Festival as BEST PICTURE! We are pleased and delighted that our community and our film project have been so honored! Congratulations goes out to everyone who helped make the movie happen - and that's over 200 people! Thanks! The festival takes place May 19th through the 21st (2006) in Danville, California - which is east of San Francisco. We are being screened at the Town Hall on Saturday, May 20 at 6:30 PM. The awards ceremony is at the Village Theatre on Sunday the 21st at 5:30 PM. Unfortunately we will not be able to attend as Don Juan and Miguel as we are performing at Scarborough Faire at that time. (Or depending upon your point of view - we WILL BE WORKING - which is a gift in and of itself!) If anyone plans on attending, please let us know.


The 7th weekend of the festival was just fantastic!!! Great crowds, great shows and oodles of fun. It was the "biggest" weekend of the season so far. Saturday night was the festival's talent show (in house and for participants only)... always a treat to see our community in action and trying stuff they'd not normally do. Plus the little kid's program was as sweet as they come! Thanks kids! "Don Juan" helped to mc the show..."Miguel" introduced a couple of numbers...and they both performed with good friends Eddie Jeff Cahill, Frank Della Penna, Terry Foy, Arsene Dupin, and the lovely Clan Tinker in a musical spoof....such fun.


Arizona is celebrating the final weekend of the 2006 season...last chance to see us here this year!!! Weather is s'posed to be agreeable, so come on out and visit!!


As this is the last weekend we are all in a rush to ready ourselves for the long roadtrips to Dallas, Atlanta and points all around the country. Packing and saying our goodbyes, trying to remember all the little things we'll need for the year. Hopefully I'll have this updated before Scarborough, but I wouldn't bet on it. Thanks everyone for a great 18th annual Arizona Renaissance Faire and hopefully we'll be seeing a bunch of you guys in Scarborough... I really love that fair, it's where we've performed the longest. It should prove fun, too...old friends Dan the Duke of Danger and Cantiga are there, as well as Iris and Rose, the Nuns, etc. Plus John O'Connor (Flaming Idiot) will be a Mud Beggar there as Scratch branches out and develops his own show. We'll be sharing a stage with The London Broil again (which is always great) and finishing up Martha Gay's new CD.
Scarborough we come!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Winter's Last Huzzah!!!

Well folks, it seems that Winter had to have his way and bluster through the sixth weekend of the Arizona Renaissance Festival. After closing early last Saturday and having fun but "smallish" crowds on Sunday we were all looking forward to a really delightful weekend. Friday was St. Patrick's Day, which always sets people in a party mood, and the theme for the weekend was "Highland" (read that Scottish/Irish) and so we expected a lot of fun.

Well, on Saturday we were not disappointed. Record crowds for the year flowed through the gates and the weather was near perfect - just a touch cool. Shows were great! I (Miguel) got to sing with Bathos the Muse (Eddie Jeff Cahill) during his show on the Palace Stage - I always enjoy singing, and especially with Eddie Jeff - and especially those sad Irish ballads....hmm, maybe I should record a CD?

But Sunday, well..... Winter showed his strength and while not causing the show to close, really dampened some spirits and kept the numbers down. Well, the shows we did were really fun. Even though I sound like I am complaining (probably because I am) I must say that there is a special quality - joyful and playful - when performing on "rainy" days. The crowds are more intimate and the folks who come really want to have fun. Even with the bad weather I really like it! So thanks to all of you who came out and played with us - it WAS fun!!!

We are moving forward with various projects. As BLIND DOG ENTERTAINMENT we are planning on producing/filming a series of music/comedy videos for our friends Hey! Nunnie Nunnie!, and we are working with Frank Della Penna of Cast in Bronze - we are planning on creating a "Cirque-like" show utilizing the Bells and talents of various Rennies. We are thinking that we might be able to perform this for the public on a Friday night, or even a Saturday night, If this project happens at all it will not be presented until near the end of Scarborough. Also the soundtrack CD for THE LOST PRINCESS is in its final stages of production - we should have a release date during Scarborough - what I've heard is great, by the way, with full recordings of some of the tunes. I believe you will all like it. And we are still working on Martha Gay's CD which should be released by the beginning of Sterling!

Hey folks! We have only two weekends left here in Arizona, so come on out and say hi to us all!

For a good chuckle go to and click onto the vegetable music/Danny Boy music video. Dr.Lunch on slide potato, Miguel on vocals and Bathos on guitar.....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fifth weekend and rain!!!

Greetings all....

Sorry I haven't updated this as quickly as I had thought I would, but time is just whizzing by!!!

We had our 5th weekend open (and close) to RAIN...sweet, blessed rain...and an end to the endless dust storms and dryness and a chance for beautiful Spring blossoms! Unfortunately this blessed rain and a festival day had to coincide...and the rain won. We had gone over to a "rain" schedule and even performed a "show" (mostly chatting and a few whip routines) for about nine people before the festival closed at Noon. I think around 300 people showed up and received either a refund or comp tickets. It's so strange and unsettling to have a festival day off. Weird! Sunday, though, was gloriously cool and sunny. Although the park was by no means jammed, the crowds that showed were fun and really receptive. I can honestly say we all had a really good time!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for The Lost Princess appearing at a film festival near you! We are getting closer to releasing the Soundtrack CD and a re-edit of the film. We'll let you know more as I learn it!

Three weekends left in Arizona - see us here while you can.

Be joyous!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Greetings everyone from the very dry deserts of Arizona!

We've made it through four weekends with no rain and nearly perfect weather with great crowds! This past weekend was a little rough on us all as we had two Student Days the week before - Tuesday and Thursday - with around 30,000 students for the two days! It as fun and very busy!!

The fourth weekend had two "themes" to it. Saturday was "Kid's Pirate" day, with many families coming out - a really fun day. And Sunday was "Echo Magazine" (Gay) day - which is always a hoot! Both days were quite lovely and fun-filled. Our shows are going great - getting sillier and wackier as time goes on!

We have good news: THE LOST PRINCESS has been accepted to the 3rd Annual Danville International Children's Film Festival in Danville, California!!! The festival runs from May 19-21 (2006). This festival is put on by the California Independent Film Festival Association and the City of Danville. We don't know the details on the screening (time/date) but will update the blog when we know. The festival can be reached by phone at (925) 314-3463 or at their website: This makes the third festival in 2006!!!

Four more weekends to the Arizona Renaissance Festival! Come out and see us and see our new "Don Juan and Miguel Strip Mall" (our products cart) manned by Sirus! Copies of The Lost Princess are going well - as well as people discovering "El Gusano". Come out and check out our merchandise - I think there is something for everyone!!

There is a slight chance for rain here this coming weekend. I think that if it DOES rain it'll be a terrific day at the festival - full of celebration! We need the rain so much I can't imagine it dampening anyone's spirits.

And a reminder...THE LOST PRINCESS will be screened at the Audience Choice Film Festival this coming Saturday in Hobart, Indiana! If anyone catches it there - please drop me a line and let me know how it went! Thanks!