Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Scottish Weekend PA

Our fifth weekend was quite busy here at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival. It was Scottish weekend and, I must admit, I had a great time! The crowds arrived and the festival was a buzz with the sounds of bagpipes, drums and laughter. "Lost Princess continues to be well-received, folks tell us all the time how much they love the film and all its music and silliness. Since we've been listed on www.imdb.com (search for Lost Princess 2005), I've really enjoyed reading the comments - thank you all.

Oh, I had a great time at the "Finale in Song" on Sunday night. The Tartan Terrors were kind enough to let me come out on stage with them as a "Scot" (kilt, no-shirt, bald-pate) with my "Blad-pipes"! Such a delight to do! If anyone has a picture of that, please send one to us!

Well, its our final weekend at Pennsylvania coming up, after this we'll be at the Carolina Renaissance Festival just north of Charlotte. So come on out and laugh with us for one more time this year. Rumor has it that Miguel, the Burley Minstrels, Demetrius and a few friends may be singing Jerry Spurlock's "Bring on the Starlight on Sunday at the Finale.

Be well, be in touch and, again, thanks for all your love and support.

Monday, September 11, 2006

News - PA

Hey everyone, I hope this finds all of you very well.

We've finished our fourth weekend in PA - I love all the support we're getting from our fans, old and new here. We really enjoying seeing the faces of fans and freinds form other festivals - it seems to make the world a smaller and nicer place.

We have two weekends left here at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival so come out and say hi while you still can, and stop by the Dungeon Museum for a peek while you're here. Its authentic and you might even learn something!

"THE LOST PRINCESS" is now listed on the Imdb website (independent movie data base). Please go over to the site www.imdb.com and give your comments on our film. You can search for "The Lost Princess". Then click on "The Lost Princess 2005". You will have to register, but we'd love it if you could add you ratings and comments - this will really help us out. Thanks.

We are working on a animated series for Saturday Morning tv and are continuing in post with "The Adventures of Don Juan and Miguel". By the by, thanks to all of you for your name suggestions - they really helped!

Thank you all for your continuing support and remember to enjoy yourselves!

Please drop us a line!