Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back at PA

Greetings friends and fans:

Well, we're back at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival at Mt. Hope and are loving it! Although the weather was a mite muggy the people came out on Saturday to help us celebrate OUR first day at PA this year. (This was the festival's second weekend). The festival has changed its hours - from 11 am 'til 8 pm. Great hours. We'll be here for the next five weekends so stop by and say hi to Don Juan, Esmeralda or me.

We do have a bunch of friends out here - The Tartan Terrors are back - and are great people! Plus we're working with Jim Hancock and Bob Bielelfeld of the Burley Minstrels. Many of you will recognize Bob as the talented Flute player from Cantiga. Jim actually joins us at the "weird Show" in a rendition of "Don't Make Me Sing Along". I love doing that song, it is so weird! Empty Hats is here along with Looney Lucy, Barely Balanced is back in a new incarnation which includes Giacomo the Jester's son Caleb! (talk about generations). And we join Gary Mazzu at the "Finale in Song" in his rendition of Old King Henry/Drunken Sailor. (or did Jim Hancock come up with it?) I play the Bladavarius.

Work is chugging forward on the latest film project. We're thinking of calling it either "Bernard the Bad Guy" or "Bernard, Potential for Danger" or just "Potential for Danger". Any thoughts?

We are still planning on finishing Martha Gay's project by the end of September - I personally cannot wait!

Well, that's the news. As I've said, now that filming is through, I should be able to keep up with this more often.

Be well.

Love, luck and self!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's a wrap!


Here I am, on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, sitting in my house in Oswego without a thing to do (at this moment) on the film. I am feeling a little guilty at being so inactive. It won't last for long.

But we've finished shooting "Bernard". Friday last was our last day of shoot. Our final shot was, appropriately, Don Juan and Miguel riding off into the sunset! 15 total days of filming - three months out of our lives - and the really hard part (editing and post) now begins. Again, it was the whole community up here which enabled us to create this magic. A crew came together which was wonderful to be with, and efficient and professional in their actions. We also received a bunch of support from the local community at large - from flowers and barrels from Ontario Orchards to press coverage by Mark Lavoner of WRVO, the local NPR affiliate, everyone has been willing to lend a helping hand. Thanks to all of them!

Now we've one weekend left to the season here in Sterling. I so love this area - it is so lovely and hold so many dear memories. The year here has been a bit warm and wet - but we've all survived. This past weekend was really terrific, too! So many people, so much fun! And now, well, time flies when you're having fun, and time has been flying. I can hardly believe that we'll be at the PA festival in two weeks! It'll be lovely there in Amish country. Hopefully we won't be hit with too much hot weather!

Be well, my friends. And enjoy life in big bites!