Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pennsylvania - 5 more weekends!

Howdy folks!

I hope this reading finds you all well. We are doing well ourselves - enjoying performing at the Globe Theater three times daily - plus our goofy bits at the Finale In Song! I thoroughly enjoyed performing the Bladivarius with my good friends "The Burley Minstrels (Bob Bielefeld and Jim Hancock) both Saturday and Sunday at the Finale -what a Hoot! And I was honored to have been able to "sign" (ASL) with Queen Elizabeth (Kelly) at the final song - "The Parting Glass". I may not get it perfect, but I love doing it!

We've been working on "I Sense Danger". Jim is rapidly completing the sound portion of our movie making journey as Duncan and Louie finish up creating magic of their own down in the Baltimore area. I'll be keeping you posted as to any new developments with it - such as a "Premier" or an early release. The guys are saying that we should be finished by mid-October, which isn't that far off, so keep your fingers crossed! I think it'll make a great Christmas gift! (I know it will).

Speaking of DVD releases....

Mastering the Whip, Episode One - Our instructional whip DVD will be available this coming weekend. It features Adam Winrich, a seven-time Guinness World Record holder for various whip cracks and skills. Adam (with some help from Jose/Don Juan) takes three beginners and teaches them five different cracks in three days. The students, or Guinea Pigs as Adam calls them, range in age from 11 to 30. I find it very instructional and interesting to watch as these students are taken though each crack patiently and step-by-step. Seeing them make mistakes and then correcting these mistakes will be very helpful for anyone who wishes to master the sport of Whip cracking. Plus it has a bunch of beautiful and fun extras; everything from the amazing Fire Whip to Adam "cracking up" with us in the Weird Show. You'll also be getting one of Adam's shows form the Arizona Festival. You will be able to pick up the DVD directly from Adam this weekend at the Bristol Show (Adam Crack), or from us after one of our shows here in PA. It should be available on the website soon - and we will soon (hopefully) be able to offer a whip along with the DVD for a full package for learning and fun! Again, I think we've made an awesome "How-To" DVD. Check it out!

Well, that's about all for now. Come out and see us in Pennsylvania while we are here. Enjoy!

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