Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Pennsylvania! My How The Time Flies!

Greetings friends, fans and family all. It is hard to believe that it has been almost three months since last I updated this Blog. Forgive, please. Here's a rundown on what's been going on....


Thank you all for a terrific 23rd season! Although we had a bit of rain towards the beginning of the run, at least Summer's heat didn't really strike us until the final weekend. 23 seasons. It almost doesn't seem possible. I gotta admit it though, we have a great time performing at Sterling! Perhaps its the sense of community and family, or maybe its just that the summers are so short that folk are ready to be wacky! Anyway, I do love it. I really enjoyed playing the Bladivarius at the final pub sing with Cantiga and Cardinal Tallini. It was great having Esmeralda back for the final two weekends. It was cool to see a two-part whip-stunt between her and Don Juan. Very nice. She'll be performing with us through the end of our season! (Excellent!)

Our good friends Charles Murray and John Decker, (Charles plays Capt. Rando here at Sterling and John creates the arch-evil Sheriff of Warwicke), wrote, directed and produced a live "radio show" this summer - Lance Proton and the Space Battalion of Justice vs the L.O.S.T.! Starring Sterling director Gary Izzo as Lance Proton.Very funny. Much fun to be part of. "Don Juan" won the right do a voice over in in at a R.E.S.C.U. rally (plus getting Blothar the Unpredicable's voice on his home answering machine...)

I Sense Danger

A great effort just took place to finish the final cg fx. Duncan and Louie sequestered themselves for about ten days straight to finish up the final touches to the magic that is "I Sense Danger". The Opening credits are about finished, as is most of the "magical" effects - what I was able to see was beautiful, and magical. If the phrase that some things are worth the wait is true....then this is one of those things. I was delighted at what I saw. I hope you will be too. There is no "hard" time table for completion - but we are very near our goals. The video will be perfected, then sound will be "washed" (remixed, additional fx, tweaking, mastering, final score, etc.), this should all be happening in the next few weeks. We really believe that it will be ready for Christmas! Maybe much sooner! We will certainly let you know!

Mastering the Whip: episode one

The instructional whip DVD that we've been working on since Scarborough is almost completed. In fact it is at our people out in Norman Oklahoma as I write. ( A brief rehash: We filmed three friends learning the whip with whip master Adam Winrich on the grounds of Scarborough Faire. Adam has 7 Guinness World Records for whip cracking and is a past "Whip Master of the World for 2006".

It was directed by Jose and filmed by Dr. Jules. Jose also appears in the DVD giving whip instruction and assisting Adam. We both show up in clips from some of our performances and Adam's guest appearances at Scarborough during the Weird Show.

The DVD holds more than two hours of great stuff. Five different cracks are taught in three consecutive days to three "victims" of different skill levels. Adam walks them through each crack and corrects mistakes along the way. for anyone who really wants to learn to use a whip, the instructional part of the DVD is amazing! Then there are a bunch of great extras: The "Adam Crack Show" from the Arizona Festival, some of Adam's award winning cracks, can-cutting, the footage of the Fire Whip is awesome, Adam in our Weird Show and more. It is great. And it should be out very soon. Check out the Market section of our web-site for info......


It's good to be back here in Pennsylvania! We'll be here, weekends, through the first weekend in October. Come see us, say hello and share a few laughs! We will have the pleasure of having Esmeralda with us. Check the program for our schedule and we'll see you there!