Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sterling's Season ends...Pennsylvania begins

Greetings good friends.

I am sitting in a lovely house in Mt. Gretna, PA getting ready for the big plunge into the world of "post" for "I Sense Danger" - our latest flick.

First of all I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who came to visit The Sterling festival this year. It was, all-in-all, a lovely, if bittersweet season. As many of you know, the fate of the festival is still up in the air, so we know little, at this time, of the future. I do recall, though, this was a season of lovely weather and of a community pulling together. Christmas in July was a big hit this year, as was "Formal Bocci" - two lovely traditions that Sterling has managed to keep alive in these cynical times. I must give a big Kudo to Frank Cardillo who organized a lovely reading for the Christmas ceremony. And Kudos to Matthew Purcell for his fine service at "Formal Bocci".

The actual weekends of Sterling have already become a blur, which is the nature of the beast in this we leave a place it is like leaving Lothlorien of The Lord of the Rings...a shadow falls and the colors change. I remember Gordy's (Scratch's) final "Auld Lang Syne" poem, and the final Saturday's speech by Michael Reilly (Cardinal Talini) and the last Sunday's speech by Gary Izzo himself, our "Steward of Warwick". Frankly I haven't been as moved by a final speech since Bodge! I hope someone got it on tape (audibly) and will share it on You Tube!

Our first weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival in Mt. Hope started with a brutally hot and humid Saturday...the festival closed about a half-hour early due to encroaching and approaching lightning and thunderstorms. Sunday was a much nicer day, and this weekend protends to be a beauty. We'll be at the End Game Stage four times daily starting at noon - come see us!

R.E.S.C.U Rally! The Sterling community hosted its first RESCU rally at the Tea Emporium on east First in Oswego, NY this past Summer. A great success! And a charity we should all promote.

Blind Dog Stuff:

We finally have seen a near to perfect pic-loc of the new Don Juan and Miguel® Adventure: "I Sense Danger". It is lovely, humorous and fun! I can't wait to see the sound, fx, and score finished. We're looking at a January deadline.

Our new DVD "An Inside Look" should be out in the next couple of weeks - This is a really cool back stage look into the creation of The Don Juan and Miguel® Show. We are in the final stages of authoring the DVD and getting the artwork together. Keep your eyes peeled on our websites for further updates and ordering information.

Sarah Marie Mullen's new CD "Harper's Bizarre" will be available this coming weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Festival from Sarah herself! This is a great new CD - experimental and lovely with bunches of original tunes! I love it! It'll be available on our website in a week or so.

The new docu-comedy from Hey Nunnie Nunnie!: "Pull My Finger" is going gangbusters! We've had oodles of positive feedback. This is a great glimpse into the people that inhabit "Mother Redempta" and "Sister Philomena Claire". They will be at the Maryland festival for the next few weekends. If you're in the area, check 'em out.

Well, that's all for now. I, again, will try to update this more often - but I make no promises. It's so hard to write while life is happening!

Be well, my friends. Have days of Spirit and Laughter, Contemplation, Joy and good works.


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