Monday, October 08, 2007

Pennsylvania, Carolina and Arizona!!!

Greetings friends, fans and family.I hope this new posting finds you all hearty and hale. I do apologize for not keeping this as updated as I would like, but I was having problems with the blogger account - seems like email has been my bane this year!

Pennsylvania ended up being a lot of fun. I (Miguel) really had a lot of fun cutting-up at the "Finale in Song" - it is such a nice feeling to be so accepted by a cast! Hopefully we'll be back there next year! We haven't really "left" the festival as we still have our Dungeon Museum in operation there! Stop by and take a look inside! I need to take a moment to thank everyone who supported us at the PA festival. There is a lovely, growing group of people who are helping make our time there lovely. Also, thanks for all the cds, dvds, and dragon-like gifts (you know who you are!!)


Our opening was record breaking and a mite warm. I do enjoy this festival. I love the hours (10-6), the area and the loveliness of Autumn in the Carolinas. Thanks, people, for filling up our stages and allowing us to have so much fun.


Our documentary - "An Inside Look" - is now available. So far the response has been great! I hope you all enjoy us sharing some of our secrets with you. (In fact, Don Juan thinks we may have been too revealing!)

THE LOST PRINCESS will be screened at the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival in Tempe, Arizona on Saturday Morning October 20 (2007) at 11:30 AM in their large theater. Our friend Michael Stackpole (writer of many good and fun books) is responsible for our being there. Please come out and support it if you can. Here is the full info on the Film Festival

The International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival
Harkins Center Point Theater
730 S. Mill Ave.
Tempe AZ 85281

For information call (602) 955-6444

Well, that's all for now.

Be joyous!


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