Friday, February 08, 2008

Arizona.......and thus the year begins.

Here I am, sitting in a trailer - the Superstition Mountains I see outside my window are now a silhouette against a sky ablaze with stars. And it is the evening before we open the 20th annual Arizona Renaissance Festival. 20 years! Imagine. Don Juan and Miguel have trod these paths for 20 years now and boy have we seen changes. It's amazing to me how large the festival has grown, and how it continues to become lovelier each year. I think about the shows that have come here, and then gone, (and returned again). "Esmeralda" has grown up here. We have "matured" here. And yet, even after 20 years I am almost nervous, so excited about starting up again. My costume has been checked out, I have my shoes, my belts, my pouches, my glove, my mug, my hat and my helmet. New feathers have been chosen - the largest and brightest I could find for the opening day. We rehearsed and checked props, whips, swords, sound, the stage. We're back on the Palace for three shows a day. We're sharing the stage with our good friend Frank (Cast in Bronze) and Klan Tinker - who are a delight! Old friends have been returning, new ones arriving. There is a busyness in the air as some artisans continue to ready for the morning cannon. And from all around the state people are turning their minds to the opening of the festival, to the return of Spring, to seeing old friends and making new discoveries.
As I ramble and get myself ready for the morrow Danny Lord (old friend) knocks upon the door. Time to go. See you at the fair.