Friday, September 26, 2008

Well here we are approaching our last weekend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival for the '08 season and we're having fun.

Last weekend - our first of two - was downright fun! The Globe Stage turned out to be excellent - the crowds were big (especially on Saturday) and the shows a "hoot". I enjoyed playing my Bladivarius at the opening with my musical friends at the Gazebo by the Front Gate and had a delightful time playing on the streets with all the patrons and denizens of Mt. Hope. I really enjoy the queen here, such a fun and caring person!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see our show, and thanks to all of you who got our "stuff" - it helps keep "Blind Dog" rolling! Thanks!

I believe our schedule is the same for this weekend. We'll be on the Globe at 12, 3, and 4:30 and at the Swashbuckler (up by the bar) for the Weird Show at 5:45 - The weather doesn't look nearly as bad as predicted so come on out and enjoy the Oktoberfest Weekend with us before we head for the Carolina Renaissance Festival beginning next weekend.

I am sticking around for a few days - there is a RESCU rally on Tuesday after the student day - Gary Mazzu, Jim Hancock and I will be MC-ing and performing some classic rock n roll tunes - plus I'm going to be playing "Wall" in a production of Pyramus and Thisbee from a Midsummer Night's Dream - should be a lot of fun. Here's hoping we raise a bunch of money for our favorite charity! If you'd like to help (in an easy way) please use Goodsearch for your internet searches. Money will be donated to RESCU if you use this service,, and list RESCU as your charity of choice. Check out RESCU at


We've all been working hard on "Danger" - and it is becoming something wonderful - Jose and I did some "looping" this week, and we received the score for part 3 from Kelly Stallard - she is wonderful! Keep in touch and we'll keep you all up to date.


I must get on a soap box here for a moment. Even though we exist in a world that portrays a Monarchy (the world of Renaissance Festivals) as a wonderful and enlightened form of government - we must remember that we actually live in a Democracy (ok, a Republic) which functions best if everyone participates. Many many people throughout time have struggled, suffered and even died achieving the "right to vote". Within my living memory people in this nation have struggled for this right.

Please vote. Don't think that your vote does not count - it does.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Good bye Maryland - Hello PA!

Well, we've finished our four weekend stint at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. All-in-all it was a very good time. I love the way the festival is laid out, the prices and the people. Sharing a stage with Fight School turned out to be fun - they are all really nice guys and it was great having "Esmeralda" return to the show, as an old friend said - she has such poise. I got a thrill out of playing my "Bladivarius" at the Final Pub Sing our last weekend there - so silly, so much fun!

We'd like to thank everyone who came out to see us. It was great to see some old friends (we hadn't performed there for 22 years!) and to have made some new ones. And it was interesting seeing the amount of folks who we normally would see at PA - I guess it is closer than I had thought. Anyway, we had a great time! Thanks to all who made it possible and who supported us in our return to Maryland. Who knows, perhaps we'll do it all again.

Tomorrow starts our short stint at PA. This year we are on the Globe three times a day. I'm not certain as to what shows we'll be doing when, but I do know that we'll be doing The Weird Show at the end of the day at the "Swashbuckler Stage" up by the pub. It's been nice seeing old friends like Danny Lord, Fool Hearty and the folks from Barely Balanced -not to mention getting to hang with out buds The Burley Minstrels and the Tartan Terrors! Party!!!

Please come and see us, we're only in town for two weekends!

I Sense Danger.....

Here's a quick update.

Jim and I are working on sound -it's going well and is going to be great. Louie and Duncan are busy with their video magic and are indeed creating magic. Jose and I saw their work this past week and it is sweet. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that "Danger" will be the best of our projects so far - I can see it on TV...... Keep in touch and we'll keep you updated.

Be well everyone and enjoy!


Thursday, September 04, 2008

After a summer of growth and change (and fun) at the Sterling Renaissance Festival we find ourselves returning to a festival we last performed at when "Esmeralda" was a wee, wee lass. And it has been a delight!

The Maryland Renaissance Festival has really lovely grounds. I love the sense of streets, and I love the tall, tall trees. The people are friendly and so the audiences are delightful and the crowds are good. I am getting a major "kick" out of hearing so many different languages as I "stroll" about the grounds. I guess that shouldn't surprise me what with us being so close to our nation's capitol. I am looking forward to being the absolute tourist and visit as much as I can!

We have two weekends left (as of this posting) at the Maryland Festival. It's a really fun place - please come out,, visit, and see our show. The Maryland Fair is also known for its fine crafts - there is some beautiful stuff our here.

We'll be back (huzzah!) at the Pennsylvania Festival for the final two weekends in September. It'll be great seeing old friends and (hopefully) making new ones.


We are all hard at work on "I Sense Danger". We have set a deadline and plan on making it! (but its secret). The responses to the very few sneak viewings have been quite positive. We'll keep you posted on any major changes.


A quick thank you to everyone who came to the Sterling Festival and supported us. It was a rainy season and you all brought light and warmth with you. We had some AWESOMELY large days and some hideously stormy ones. But what really thrilled me this past summer was hearing people say that "the spirit is back". Thank you for sharing. Be well.