Thursday, March 24, 2005

We've just spent the last three days at Orangewood Studios in Mesa, Arizona recording the score to the THE LOST PRINCESS, an exciting and wonderful time. Many talented and wonderful musicians have come together to create a trully lovely score. Eddie Jeff Cahill, Bret Blackenshear and Frank Dellapenna's work was extraordinary. Next week Duncan Pace and I will go to Tampa to work with our sound man, Jim Hancock of Jimusic Mobile Digital Studios, to get to the final mixing!

Well, that is all for now.

— Doug

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jose and I continue to work on our projects.

The new Dungeon Museum is shaping up for Sterling and work is progressing well on THE LOST PRINCESS project.

We finally have a "picture lock" for our motion picture. Now only video fixes, score and sound remain. (only!)

Louis Skaradek continues to work on the video fixes and colorization. This man has a terrific attitude and a "can do" point of view, really a pleasure to work with!

Along with Eddie Jeff Cahill and Bret Blackshear we've added Frank Della Penna of Cast in Bronze to our film scoring crew. A classically trained pianist and Carrollon player Frank is adding some interesting ideas and great sounds to our mix. The three men have created a brilliant team. The score should be finished in a few weeks.

I (Doug) will be traveling to Tampa Florida to help Jim Hancock with overdubs, foley and sound mixing. I'll be leaving after festival on Sunday and returning Friday afternoon. This will be the first of two visits to Florida for this project. At the end of the month the director, Duncan Pace and I will fly there to mix in the final score!!!

The poster for the film is almost finished — looks great!

In other news - The Arizona Renaissance Festival has added another weekend, now we'll be open to April 3!

Well, that is all for now.

— Doug