Sunday, November 25, 2007

Season's Endings!!!

Howdy y'all! I hope you've all had a terrific "Dias Del Pavos Muertos"! I'm writing you all from the cold and rainy Nuevo Chile, Toon Town - TRF. That's right folks, after a hiatus of 14 years I've finally had the opportunity to visit and view the infamous Texas Renaissance Festival.

But first a wrap up on North Carolina.

We had an awesome time in Carolina this season - perfect weather and great crowds greeted us each and every weekend! Thanks to all of you for spreading the word, sharing your joy, and for all of your support! I must admit that I had a lovely birthday this season - thank you all very much! (LOVE the Miguel Bear!!) Thanks for all your fun (and tasty) gifts. Know that the good spirits were shared by all! It's so good to have such good friends! A little info on the inside - on my actual birthday old friend Franko the Hypnotist rented a limo and a small party of us partied in and around Charlotte - drinking wine, listening to good music and laughing until our voices hurt! SO much fun!

The London Broil did a show in Charlotte on the final Friday night of festival run. Franko, the Nuns, and I attended (along with many, many other people) and the boys were great! So funny, so at home on a traditional stage. I freely admit that I laughed so hard that I thought I would embarrass myself - fortunately my guffaws were joined by many others! Great job Broil Boys!!!

Things are happening in the "I Sense Danger" world. I know we are taking more time on this one but believe me - your patience will be rewarded. This movie is going to top the rest!

Texas Renaissance -

Some of you may not know, but Don Juan and I used to perform at TRF. I think we were here for ten years or so. Director/Manager Jeff Baldwin was kind enough to give me a pass to this, experimental final weekend of TRF. Thanks Jeff! (I remember performing with Jeff when he was part of the street cast!). I showed up on "Black" Friday to see the show on its first post-Thanksgiving weekend ever. The weather was fitting for a "holiday" weekend - cold and cloudy. In fact it was really cold! I had fun walking through the lanes (down my own memory lane) and was delighted to see the improvements and growth of this place. I was able to see shows I've not seen in years. I'm usually working, so I don't feel comfortable taking time to watch shows. Ded Bod (the original), Iris and Rose, Christoph the Insulter, The Other Brothers (when we shared a stage with them at Scarby, they were known as "Throw Up" - I think the name change is good), Arsene, the Gypsy Guerilla Band, Cantiga and Owain, and more. The festival was packed - over 28,000 souls walked through the gates on this cold and cloudy Friday. Frankly, the crowds were almost overwhelming. It feels so weird to be amongst all these folks and not have the right to "play" with them. It was more tiring than actually performing! Thank goodness that good beer helps with such stress.

SATURDAY - rain and cold all day. I didn't even make it onto the site. I am enjoying visiting my good friends in Toon Town and Nuevo Chile!

SUNDAY - although this day has dawned as cold and as wet as Saturday IO felt I had to go on site. If nothing else, to witness the wedding of good friend Michael Schaeffer (Tree Man, Marquish). How wonderful. The wedding was slipped into an existing scenario. I don[t think many of the cast knew the service was real! Congratulations Michael!

So, that's about it for now. My problems with getting into the blog are through so may actually get more info more often - I hope so!

Remember that the full catalogue of Blind Dog Products make great holiday gifts!

And, again, thank you for all your laughter, smiles, and support.

Laugh out loud!


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