Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Howdy folks! I can't believe that it is almost the halfway point of the festival and I have yet to update the Don Juan and Miguel Blog! My sincerest apologies!

Part of the reason that I've slacked on this is that Internet access has always been problematical out here on site. No real phones, etc. Well we just got the new Verizon wireless card for Mac and it is a real jewel! I love the product and the service people - really nice folks. AND I can go on line anywhere, anytime. It is great! So if you guys leave any comments, or email us, you will be getting a pretty swift answer!

So, to Scarborough (or Scarby as some of the cast members call it). We had a glorious opening weekend - one of the best that I remember - and we've been here for 21 years now! I think we would've had a record breaker except for Palm Sunday and the huge immigrant march in Dallas - I spoke to a bunch of folks who stayed in not knowing what the protests would do to traffic. Still, the first Sunday was sweet!

Second weekend...well, much of the same. Although Texas treated us all with an early summer. Temps on Easter Sunday reached close to 105 degrees out here, a record breaker for that date in the Dallas-Fort Worth area! Surprisingly, though, people still came out. The festival here has a really nice event on Easter - a "mass" celebration at the Crown Stage (our stage) wherein they recreate an actual Anglican Mass of the time. It is always beautifully done and so well attended. It actually brings tears to my eyes..perhaps it reminds me of my own childhood days where Easter Mass was always the most treasured and lovely of the Holiday celebrations; the church so beautifully flowered, the message one of unbridled joy. It has been years since I've attended a mass (I normally work), it's nice to share some unjudgemental fellowship.

Third weekend - well the Highland games were exciting and our shows went over well. We started doing "The Queen of Spain Show" at our 3:30 spot. We normally don't do this show without Esmeralda, but we thought that folks might want to see something that may be new for them. It is such a wacky show - and a bunch of work for me (Miguel) - I have five costume "changes" in fifteen minutes! So it can be fairly exhausting - but oh so much fun. And, honestly, never quite the same show twice. So we are now doing four different shows a day!

The Lost Princess is doing well. We received BEST PICTURE at the Danville International Children's Film Festival in California this past Saturday (Thank You) and will find out which award we receive this coming weekend from Wordfest (in Houston). Duncan is in the final stages of a re-edit. We will be trying to get some network (hopefully PBS or Bravo) interested in our ideas. Just think...someday you may be able to watch us from home! Not as personal, but still fun!

Well, people, that's all I can think of for now. I'll be updating this later. Be joyous and, as our friends Hey Nunnie Nunnie say on their Christmas CD - "Let us all pray for peace."

Enjoy yourselves, and if can't enjoy yourself.........

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Last Weekend First Weekend

This was the last weekend of the Arizona Festival for 2006. Lovely weather, good crowds, fun shows.

It was a great season this year in Arizona. Thank all of you who chatted with me upon the street, watched our shows, told your friends or just showed up to the faire, thank you all for your good support and for treating us like family. We'll be seeing you all next year.

And now....Whoosh! The quick drive to Scarborough - like spring flowers scattered on the breeze we blow across the desert to the greener spring of Waxahachie. Each faire is different, really, like siblings are different - all of an ilk but with unique personalities. I love Scarborough Faire. This is our 21st season here. Don Juan and Miguel are old enough here to finally drink! (Huzzah). Scarborough has such a nice community and a really sweet show. We'll be sharing the Crown Stage with The London Broil, which will only be fun! It'll be nice to see all these old friends again.