Saturday, December 30, 2006

To the New!!

Greetings friends, fans and family...And greetings too to those of you who may be reading this Blog for the first time.

First of all...Happy New Year! We welcome this new year - 2006 has been stellar for us (check out our Blind Dog™ site - - we have our collective health, our shows have been fun and well receivedd (still! Thank YOU), The Lost Princess won awards and we've been looking at the world of "cartoons", and are still being considered for a "Don Juan and Miguel™" world based cartoon! Wish us luck!

You know, I love this time of year. We get to take a tiny break from performing and spend some good, "quality" time with or families at our respective homes. Also, I love the Christmas season. For years I spent the Christmas holidays in Chicago singing with my old A Cappella group The Jongleurs. We were Marshall Fields' official caroller for 5 years and must've sung in every hotel and venue in the Loop. I love the music of the season and I loved singing it with my friends! For those of you who might've know Arizona's and Sterling's queen who passed away - Baj (Bodge) - we started the group together at the start of our respective Renaissance careers. That's another thing I enjoy about the season - the memories and emotions. I am never happier or sadder than at this time of year and I give thanks for these feelings, they make up many of the colours of our lives.

This year I am spending the season with my brother and with my father - he's a great guy (84!) and one of my best friends. I know some of you have met him at Sterling. He loves the festivals and the community it creates. I also have been seeing Don Juan and his family (they live about 2 hours away). We meet for business, fun and stuff.

I will be spending the New Years with my dad - but then will be flying off to Houston to work on some technical stuff with Jim Hancock for The Lost Princess. Hopefully I'll be able to record a song or two on my project! I'll be there for a little over a week, come home and then return to help finish Martha Gay's first CD!!!! I'll be back in Houston during the third week for about 4 days and then return to Arizona to get ready for the 2007 season of The Arizona Renaissance Festival. We'll be back for our 13th (can this be true?) year.

So, that's about it for now. Hopefully I'll have great news about distributing The Lost Princess, and about us becoming cartoon characters! Please think good thoughts for us. I will for you.

Again, I hope you all had a very joyful holiday - if yoover atete, (I did) forgive yourself and consider starting to treat yourself a little better. If you overspent (I did) well, forgive yourself and try treating YOURSELF a little better. If you make resolutionon, keep it or don't - either way remember we are all part of this wonderful messy glorious angry happy loving violent, healing, creative and beautiful group we call people. Be well. Happy Neuvo Jahre!