Monday, May 09, 2011

Scarborough Faire

Wow! It's been a while since I've updated this. I guess Facebook and the like seem to be taking precedent - but I don't wish to ignore this source of communication either.

Our 27th season at Scarborough is going well. (27!!!) The new Crown Stage (if you haven't seen it yet) is quite elegant and HUGE! We're also sharing it with a number of different acts this season. I have to admit that it was great sharing the stage with Arsene for the first three weekends. We've been friends for eons and had never actually shared a space. He is a talent indeed, and a good friend.

Hard to believe the festival is more than half over. Even with the ups and downs of weather attendance feels up and the audiences at our shows to be great and fun! Hard to believe that 4th weekend's Sunday closed at 52 degrees and yesterday (SUnday of the 5th weekend) closed at 92. An amazing and volatile Spring. Luckily though, even with all the storms around in the past few weeks, we have missed most of the truly bad ones.

I SENSE DANGER is doing well. Interestingly we've been accepted by three film festivals so far and have won award at each! Moondance (in Boulder Colorado) gave us a Best Family Comedy Award (for them it is called a "Starfish"), Worldfest (in Houston) the oldest film festival in the US awarded us a GOld Remi (as in Remington) for Best made for TV Family Film, and KIDS FIRST! (The Coalition for Quality Children's Media) awarded us 2nd place in Independent FIlms for children aged 8 to 12. KIDS FIRST views over 600 films per category (really) so a 2nd place is really an honor. We're still waiting to hear from a few other festivals - -we'll let you know when we hear anything.


Well, we're committing ourselves to creating a Don Juan and Miguel Western. Ideas are flowing and structures are being, well, structured. THis will take a while - but will be great.

We'll be utilizing the talents of our friend and oft-time cinematographer Dr. Jules to film our shows here at Scarborough on , I believe, the 7th weekend. Come to the shows, make noise, have fun with us!! Also we'll be creating Adam Winrich's (Adam Crack) next DVD about Mastering the Whip. This one will be for those who have already achieved some expertise with the whip and will show and explain advanced whipping techniques. Should be a fun and informative project.


All is well, then. Don Juan's leg is much much better, Esmeralda is performing with us every weekend at Scarborough and, even though there are only three weekends left, there is more than enough time to come out and visit!

Thanks for all of your support.


At 7:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I used to buy season passes to the Sterling Renaissance Festival many eons ago and would sit through your show multiple times every weekend. You MADE the Ren Fest for me. I have since moved to Ohio and haven't been "home" or to the Ren Fest in Sterling far too long. Ohio's just doesn't compare. So glad to see you still playing with swords... and... well... playing. I know you haven't updated the blog in many months but wanted to leave a comment and tell you how much I have always enjoyed you!


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