Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well, we've finally gotton the dvds for sale here at Scarborough (and on the website). The first weekend sales were great! If it keeps going this way, we should have no problem financing the third film.

We showed the film to the cast, crew and artisans of Scarborough last Saturday night. About four hundred people attended. What fun! Just shows what a community can create together!

As Scarborough winds up and we prepare for Sterling we find that some of our plans have changed. The Dungeon Museum we had been preparing for will be postponed until next year. At least the signage is already done. Our good friends The London Broil will be at Sterling, so we'll have an opportunity to work with them on the scipt for the next motion picture from Blind Dog. Jim Hancock (Jimusic) will be working on the sound track from THE LOST PRINCESS and we may try for a public (theatrical) viewing in Syracuse or Rochester — maybe even Buffalo of the film.

Louis, Duncan and Jeremy are working on a "bump" for the film. This will be an animated "hit" of about 5 to 10 seconds that will go in front of, or after every film. The guys have great ideas so it should be fun and funny!

Currently we're beginning to submit to different film festivals around the country. Wish us luck!

Looking forward to Stering and that lovely spring weather!

— Doug


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