Monday, June 06, 2005

Scarborough Faire ended on Memorial Day weekend — a three dayer for us! We were pleased to have "Esmeralda" back for the weekend. Weather was mixed, but most exciting was celebrating "Esmeralda's" birthday on our last Sunday. We celebrated with fans during the "Wierd" show. Special guests included Jim Hancock and the brilliant vocal group Queen Anne's Lace, who performed with me in singing a rendition of "Esmeralda's Boogie" (from THE LOST PRINCESS) at the top of the show. Terry Foy (Zilch The Torey Steller) who oftens guest stars at the Wierd Show, added his talents with jokes, and Wierd Show fav "Don't Make Me Sing Along". Jim Bo and Spider added whips (Jim Bo actually nicked himself), good friends Iris and Rose showed up and sang a funny, bawdy song to honor Esmeralda's 19th and cake and a pinata were had by all! Really a lot of fun, the fans were really pleased to see Esmeralda and be able to share in her birthday celebration. After all, we've been at Scarborough now for 20 years, many of the patrons have watched Esmeralda grow up.

After hours we had a more private celebration on the Crown Stage. Good friends, a lovely spread with needed liquid libations, and much laughter. Michelle, (Cantiga's new violinist), performed a lovely tune for Dakota as her gift, very cool. The party lasted long enough.

All of us look forward to Sterling this summer. Always a good vibe, a beautiful place. Many Old timer BTMers are going to be there this summer, which should only add to the joy.

Still working on Movie #3. Percolating pre-production

On a side business note — Don Juan and Miguel are now Don Juan and Miguel LLC.

Be well.

— Doug


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