Wednesday, April 25, 2007

About Halfway

Howdy everyone!

I'm sitting in my lovely loft on a gorgeous Texas Wednesday in April! After a close call with some storms last night, Scarborough is lovely and peaceful. Odd and interesting weather so far this year. As many of you know we opened Scarborough with a snowstorm...A SNOWSTORM Texas!!! In April! Freakish, fantastical and fun. I've never seen such a strange opening day. Everyone, though, that I ran into was filled with delight - I loved watching the kids trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues! If I'm not mistaken, it's the first time in 50 yeas that it's snowed here on Easter weekend. And the weather after that has been, well, temperate - almost downright chilly! Ah, I hope the lovely weather on weekends continues. Scarborough has been getting nice sized crowds, full of nice people having good times.

We remain busy on the creative front. "Adventures" (Bernard) is still in post, we are looking at a completion date of late summer, early autumn. What I've seen so far is trully beautiful - the land around the Sterling Festival, where we shot last summer, is quite lovely. I think this will be our best work yet. And we're bringing Charri (from Cantiga) on board to help us score this new comedy.

Frank DellaPenna - "Cast in Bronze" - has written a new musical. We are all on board to help him with this project. We are doing a staged reading out here (Sorry, only for "Rennies" at this point) where we will be hearing his piece in its entirety for the first time. Afterwards we'll be taking feedback from the audience and performers. Frank has written some lovely music - I ("Miguel") am directing the reading for him and honored to be a part.

Our cameraman for "Adventures" (Bernard) -Dr. Jules - is coming out to shoot Hey Nunnie Nunnie! and Don Juan and Miguel on two seperate weekends. We, as Blind Dog, are creating a couple of documentaries which will include portions of shows and fun stuff. The title for ours (working title) is "A Weekend With Don Juan and Miguel"...I think it's going to be a blast! We also plan on sneak-previewing some of the movie stuff (If Duncan and Jim are done in time - the movie itself is the most important.

Oooh, speaking of movies - The Lost Princess goes into domestic distribution on July 24! Echelon Studios is releasing it for us. This is a straight to DVD deal, so don't look for it in theaters. It is a slightly different version that the one we've had out, you can call this one "The Director's cut" - also, Jim Hancock is much happier with the sound quality on this new release - amazing what knowldege can help you accomplish.

We're working with Sarah Mullen on a new CD project - we might see a release during Bristol for that one. Keep your eyes peeled on our websites!

So, that's my midway update. Any questions? Comments? COme on and bring 'em on - nothing better than answering freinds and fans...

Be well, or, as my good friend Bodge would say; "Live well, do good".


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

hey, i'm the first one to leave a comment this time! yay! Do I get a prize?
So is the running time for the new "Lost Princess" longer or shorter?
July 24 is Alexandre Dumas' (The 3 Musketeers)birthday, so I would say that's a very auspicious date.
Hey are you guys in Sterling this year? I don't see any dates on the website. I know some people who will be very sad if you're not there!

At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Miguel,

How are you doing on this fine and glorious day? I am doing great. I hope you are having a great week so far. Please tell Frank that I said hello.

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Don Juan & Miguel said...

Cool to learn that the 24th was the birthday of such an influential writer, I hope it bodes well for us. And no, the running time is the same - oddly enough - things are just "moved around" a little. I think it really makes the story stronger.

Ali - I'm well, and I'll say hi to Frank!

At 6:51 AM, Blogger nana1945 said...

my family was here from florida and we enjoyed your show yesterday - (saturday apr 28th) as a wedding present to my husband's daughter, we bought the Lost Princess -- very fine productions! really enjoyed it -- my husband is very ill and didn't make a full day, but your show and the Fool Hardy couple were delightful -- hope to see more productions of yours in the future -- i'm a fellow blogger

nana 1945 -- patty

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Namaste Don Juan & Miguel,
I hope all is well… I look back at last summer with much laughter and joy, Paul and I had a wonderful time helping out where we could with “Adventures”. We can’t wait to see it, I "know" it will be truly wonderful.

Blessings Upon You

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I caught your act at Scarborough Faire last Sunday; you two are a hoot! It was such fun to watch you perform I just wanted to let you know and say thanks for being so entertaining! This is my first year in Texas and my second trip to Scarborough Faire (missed your act the first time). Now that I know how terrific it is I will be back, probably with a season pass next year... this renfaire is sooo much better than the ones on the east coast (PA, MD, NY). thanks again, Mary Ann

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Lilith Parker said...

Sorry about the snow, guys. I brought it with me from the chilly North. :) See you at Sterling!


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