Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gloria International Film Festival, Salt Lake City :: Day One

Today is the opening day of the Gloria International Film Festival. Matt (of the London Broil) was kind enough to get up REALLY early and pick up Duncan and me at 3:30 A.M. for the hour plus ride to the Rochester airport.

Our flight has three legs to it — From Rochester to Atlanta, Atlanta to Dallas and then on to Salt Lake City. Duncan just pointed out to me, on our flight from Atlanta to Dallas that the Java City coffee is hand roasted! What does that mean? Hand picked? Hand stirred? But hand roasted? That must hurt like Hell! On another note — we're watching the in-flight vacation video. The couple in it never stop moving — swimming, kayaking, playing tennis, skiing, running . . . they must be exhausted!

Just got into Salt Lake City, checked into our room and discovered that we've been accepted to the Stratford Upon Avon Film Festival in Stratford, England!!! So excited, so pleased! We'll be showing on Sunday Night August 28th!!!

Went to the festival tonight. Ended up a little late for the reception as our cab driver, "Mr. Ed" apparently fell into a ditch somewhere and never picked us up, so e took a yellow cab instead. Tonight's movie was Believe — a mockumentary on pyramid schemes and the people involved. Pretty funny and quite fun! Met a bunch of nice folks and now we've been awake for almost 24 hours. Time to sleep.

— Doug


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