Thursday, October 06, 2005

Here in Carolina

We've finally arrived here at the Carolina Renaissance Festival and, in fact, have already had our opening weekend. It went well, crowds were joyous and fun, and response to THE LOST PRINCESS and our new "merchandise-cart" here was good. I really enjoy coming to this festival. I love the area and the people here — but then I like most folk all around the country. However, here there is a sense of "Southern hospitality" that I find charming.

We're in the midst of many projects; the new Sarah Marie Mullen CD, THE LOST PRINCESS soundtrack CD, Martha Gay's first solo CD, running the dungeon here and in PA, writing a new movie script, and submitting THE LOST PRINCESS to multiple film festivals. So far we've been accepted to three — which I think is really great — The Gloria International Film Festival in Salt Lake City, The Straford upon Avon Film Festival in Stratford, England and, most recently, KIDS FIRST — the largest film festival for children in the nation and a festival which has the potential of having THE LOST PRINCESS touring 25 cities in the US. For more info, or maybe even to get the movie shown near you and to see where THE LOST PRINCESS is going to be showing — you can check out the festival's website at - we are under "independent films".

I hope you all like the changes in the web site and the new "Blog". I will try hard to keep up with this.

— Doug


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