Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year 2006

Happy 2006 everyone! May you all find joys in unexpected places. And may 2006 find your lives richer and full of beauty!

We have a busy year planned ahead for us.

We'll be working on The Lost Princess more - getting the soundtrack out, making a director's cut, possibly creating "The Making Of..." Also, still submitting to a few more film festivals AND working on film project Three - to be filmed in 2006!

On THE LOST PRINCESS front - The Hastings Bookstore in Kingman, Arizona is now carrying "The Lost Princess"! A hearty "Thank You" goes out top them. These people support local authors and filmmakers, so if you're in the Kingman area please support them!

Currently we are creating the final edits and polishing the mixing for Sarah Mullen's new CD - to be released during the Arizona Renaissance Festival.

I (Doug) am here in "Toon Town" working with Jim Hancock and Sarah getting the final tweaks done to her new release. I think her fans are going to love it!

And we are approaching some final recordings of Martha Gay's first solo Harp CD - "Martha's Valentine" - I am personally very excited about this project as well. Many, many fans have been awaiting a CD from this 25 year plus veteran of Cantiga and the Renaissance Festival Circuit!

Well, that's the new news for now. Again, We wish everyone peace and joy!

Be well, Do Good.


At 7:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Miguel,

How are you doing on this fine and glorious day? I'm doing great. You are never goin to believe this but my boyfriend & I are about to cele brate our nineteenth month anniver sary this coming up Wednesday? I'm so excited about seeing u in April.



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